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There are some simple plumbing problems the home handyman can fix himself. With a little know how and a few tools from the workshop, you can try –

  • Changing tap washers
  • Replacing a jumper valve
  • Small leak under the sink
  • Replacing a suction cup rubber, a float valve washer or a drop valve rubber in a toilet cistern.
  • Clearing a blocked drain with a plunger

However, anything other than these tasks, by law need to be undertaken by a licensed plumber.

In the long run, it is less expensive and will give you peace of mind that your plumbing will be fixed correctly in the first place and will last. It also avoids further costly damage over time and prevents unsanitary conditions around your home affecting your family’s health.

Call your plumber when –

  • The pipes are making a gurgling sound or it sounds like there is air in them
    The water is taking longer than usual to drain away
  • There is water dripping from pipes under the sink or house.
  • There is sewage or the smell of sewage around your house.
  • Your hot water system is leaking or you can see rust or corrosi on around the tank
  • There is a smell of gas inside the house or outside near the gas appliances
  • A change in the water pressure
  • An overflowing toilet

Your plumber can easily fix most of these problems.

As with most things, if you suspect anything with your plumbing it is best to get on the phone to your plumber straight away. Unfortunately, plumbing problems don’t fix themselves, they only worsen. In most cases, if left unattended the problem can lead to property damage, destroy your furniture and fittings in and out of the house and bring with it more costly plumbing bills. Nobody wants this to happen.

JRT Plumbing has plumbers who answer every phone call. Even if you are unsure, as to whether you need a plumber or not, they can give you advice over the phone. They can tell you if the problem can be fixed by you or the problem needs more attention from a qualified plumber. They can also instruct how you can minimise the damage to the plumbing and to your home before they get there to keep everyone safe.

If you are in any doubt at all, it’s best to call your local plumber or JRT Plumbing. We have plumbers waiting for your call who can give you fast and professional advice over the phone – call now!