Not just good pricing, great plumbing workmanship

JRT Plumbing prides itself on its work ethic. All our plumbers are trained to the highest industry standards, so every job is completed properly meeting legislation and association standards. All our work is guaranteed and built to last.

Emergency plumbing – call us now!

All our plumbers are scheduled to answer your calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When it’s an emergency, you want to speak with a qualified plumber fast, so you know help is on its way. We will be up front with you in regards to how it can be fixed and the cost.
No surprises from JRT Plumbing!

Blocked Drain Specialist

One of the major plumbing issues that effects people in Oxley is having a backed up drain overflowing in the house. If you are experiencing this problem don’t stress it is often a very simple fix if unblocked in the right way. At JRT Plumbing we have all the right tools to ensure that if it can be unblocked we can do it.

Big things are happening in Oxley!

Lots of renovations and rebuilds in Oxley means you need a plumber for those important things like drainage, access to water, new pipes, redirection of existing pipes – that’s great that you have come to your local Oxley plumber – JRT Plumbing.

Low-level flooding is no longer a problem, we know Oxley is prone to low level flooding, so we can put some plumbing and drainage in to minimise the damage that may be caused to you and your family home that you have worked so hard for. Rest easy knowing your home will be taken care.

High quality service and plumbing advice

Need a quote for a plumbing job? JRT Plumbing are happy to come out and talk to you about the work and put together a quote that outlines the work to be carried out and a reasonable price including an estimate of the parts and materials required for the project. JRT Plumbing can also walk you through different solutions, so you choose the one that suits you and your budget.

map of plumbing service in Oxley QLD